“Great eye for design.”

Victoria has an incredible ability to see an outcome before even starting the project. Using her interior design degree from San Francisco State University, she has helped me tremendously with getting even more organized. I thought I was an organized person until she starting suggesting things that I didn’t have the eye for.

“I can’t wait until our next session!”

Not only has she helped me with organization, but with rearranging furniture, suggesting objects to get rid of that no longer serve a purpose, etc. Victoria is so aware of how certain furniture or items and disorganization can negatively affect our health both mentally and physically.

— V.V.

Victoria is so inspiring as she advocates for being organized and transforming a space into something that feels good and fits with where you’re at in your life. Victoria can lead you to that space where it just FITS. I never would have thought that I needed someone to help me get organized and transform space, however working with Victoria has spoken otherwise



“Everything we wanted and more.”

Victoria helped me to get my space ready at the end of my pregnancy. She not only helped us make our nursery beautiful and functional for our baby girl, but our whole house is prepared for the arrival of our little one. Victoria’s help was every nesting mom’s dream! My house has never run more efficiently or made more sense for ease of use and for daily tasks. Everything that needed a place now has a home and it’s easy to stay organized when you have an intuitive home for all your things.


“Very Helpful.”

In addition to her organizational skills she brings her experience in design to the table to make your home not only functional but beautiful. My peers have said our nursery looks like it is straight out of a magazine and I couldn’t agree more. Her skills bring function, design and truly the most homey feel I could have asked for. I feel so prepared and it’s all thanks to Victoria and her work, truly a feeling every new Mom should approach her due date with. I can’t thank her enough!!



“Stellar, professional service.”

Victoria is able to make suggestions and allow you to feel it out. When suggesting and idea to move a couch she didn’t force me to make a decision right away which I really appreciated. She is totally understanding that getting rid of stuff is a process and may take time to let go of. She also motivated me to get rid of some clothing items and boy once I did, I felt so light!


“Very fast turn around!”

Victoria did an online session with me and within 48 hours she had gone to a couple of stores and did online research AND came back with a design concept with detailed explanations. 



Online and In-person sessions available!